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The human body is highly complex and there are no end of things that can go wrong with it. As it happens though, there are definitely someconditions that are more common than others. These include narcolepsy, apnoea, insomnia, obesity, period pains, indigestion, migraines…

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This event provides the solutions to all those problems!

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at anyone suffering from one of these ‘common ailments’. If you have a medical condition that has been damaging your quality of life, stop on by!

Event details

The event is a ‘travelling pharmacy’. Stop by the truck and you’ll be welcomed inside where you can have a quick diagnosis and medication recommendation!


The truck will be circling the area between 2-5pm. Call in if you want more information!

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What to wear

There is no dress code.

Visit  Local Pharmacist for more info.


What will I lean?

You’ll learn why you can’t sleep, why you wake up tired or why you can’t lose weight – and you’ll find out the best treatments to cure it!

Will I receive a prescription?

We will not prescribe medication but will recommend over-the-counter treatments and possible options to follow up with your doctor.


42 Avenue Des Champs Elysées, 75000 Paris,France
Paris, Paris
United States